* Top Tips for buying Jewellery Gifts *

It's getting closer and closer to that time of year....dare we say it....CHRISTMAS!! As much as many of us dislike hearing this word unless its 4 weeks away, it's really does just help us get more organised before the madness begins!

As retailers, we witness the stress's Christmas shopping can cause and when you are looking to purchase fine jewellery and possibly spending a large amount of money, this experience should be stress free, enjoyable and exciting!

Here are 5 top tips to consider when buying jewellery for a loved one!

1 - Budget
An important factor when shopping in a jewellers is being open about your budget. It doesn't matter what amount you have to spend, we will always do our very best to source what you are looking for within your budget. Being open about this allows us to help you the instance you walk through the door and point you in the right direction. There is no budget too small or too big at Tom French; you will find our service priceless.

2 - Lifestyle / Style
Whoever the lucky receiver of the gift you are looking to buy for is, it is always important to consider their style - what jewellery they may already wear... and lifestyle - will they want it for every day or special occasions. This is something that some of us can easily forget about and get carried away when buying jewellery. The last thing you want to do is put all that time, effort and money into buying a stunning piece of jewellery that's going to hide away in a box.  You want them to love it and wear it!

3 - Time Frame
We love when customers come to us with great ideas to make jewellery for them, Bespoke is what we do best here at Tom French. Those one off designs which can be cherished and loved because of that personal touch. If this is something you may be considering for a loved one this Christmas, pop in and see Tom French himself to discuss your ideas now and allow plenty of time to bring your ideas to life.

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4 - Wow Factor
Many people can be put off of buying jewellery for loved ones in case they make the wrong purchase. Here at Tom French we offer an exclusive service to all of our customers to ensure you make the right choice. Buying jewellery can be so personal yet so precious knowing a loved one has put thought, time and effort into selecting a jewel just for you.

Take the stress off of your Christmas shopping this year, pop in and see us today and make it a Tom French Christmas for all your loved ones!

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