*Selecting the right wedding ring for you*

There comes a time in most people's lives where the question is asked and 'I do' is said!

You have so much to prepare for a wedding, from venues and table plans, to dresses and entertainment. Though the memories made on the day will stay with you forever, one important symbol of the day is the ring put onto your finger. Finding the right wedding ring can be stressful. You thought finding the perfect wedding dress tough, what about finding the right wedding ring which will hold blessings of the day and symbolise your love for each other on your finger, every day for the rest of your life....scary thought but its actually quite true! It really is important to find a wedding ring that you love and here at Tom French we like to make this process as smooth as possible and most importantly right.

Step 1: For Her
First of all is looking at how a wedding ring will sit next to the engagement ring, matching the metal, profile and shape as well as the width for some. Many engagement rings now have a WedFit setting meaning they are designed to sit with a wedding ring.  As shown below....

Wedfitwedfit dia

However other designs may be slightly shaped and require a ring designed to fit with it.....

shape wed ring

Once you have decided which shape, width and profile, is when you can start to think about adding a sparkle with your already so beautiful engagement ring. Some people like to keep it classic and go matching plain wedding rings - what would be more timeless than a plain wedding band engraved on the inside with the date of your wedding and name of your loved one.

plain wbs

As others like to add some more sparkles to complement they're engagement ring.

Step 2: The setting
If you decide you want some sparkle, then you need to look at what setting works well for your engagement ring. If your stone/stones are set on a plain ring then you are spoilt for choice with diamond setting styles as most will go beautifully. If you have diamonds set into the shoulders of your engagement ring then it works really well to match the setting on your wedding ring too.

wedfit diad iaweffit dia plain

Step 3: Size
Getting the correct size is pretty straight forward, most jewellers will check what your engagement ring size is and then double check your finger size. The only time you really need to be cautious of when ordering the correct size is if you are going for a full diamond set wedding ring. Although these can still be sized, it is also pretty expensive to so best off making sure its right the first time.

Step 1: For HIM
They may not show it but this is probably going to be a pretty big decision for the gents when choosing their wedding ring too. Many men do not wear fashion rings on their fingers and have no idea what to look for. The best way is to break it down....metal, profile, width & size then maybe a finish and diamonds too. There are so many different styles for guys to chose from but they can't go wrong, it really is what they like and feel comfortable in. Here at Tom French, we stock a variety or plain gent's wedding bands along with a large selection of profiles and widths to try on. We like to make this process as easy, straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

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See....now that does't sound so tough after all. It can be for some but it really shouldn't be stressful. Choosing the right ring is important....yes, but enjoying and remembering the experience is also important too which is what our goals are here in Ascot. Not only do we give you the professional advice and experience you deserve, but we give you the aftercare you need as well. Complimentary in store cleaning is available for your engagement and wedding rings in our ultra-sonic cleaning bath as well as security checks to make sure your stones are always safe and secure.

If you're planning a winter wedding this year or summer next, pop in and see us on the High Street in Ascot for a friendly and welcoming service!

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