*Inspiration behind one of Tom's most popular designs*

With such a creative mindset comes unusual and rare gemstones throughout the Tom French collection.  From crazy cuts to clashing colours...thats what Tom's designs are all about....creative, unique, and completely one of a kind. Though Tom's passion is in Gemstones, most designs involve diamonds somewhere to compliment the gemstones and bring them to life.

One of Tom's many popular designs includes his Diamond Italian Town ring.
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Where does the name come from?
The inspiration behind this design came from travelling through Tuscany in Italy and theviews of the town from the distant hill tops.


The wonderful thing about Diamonds is that because they are colourless they can we worn with any outfit and because of their hardness they can be worn and enjoyed everyday.

The Italian Town ring is classic with all Diamonds yet contemporary with a twist on the design by setting each stone at different heights giving a side view of a Tuscan Town.

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