Congo Cube Collection

Congo 2

Congo Cubes are really strange objects - pure natural Diamond Crystal, yet less expensive than diamonds normally are.

They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but most of them are fairly cubical. We were intrigued when we came across these usual yet fascinating Diamonds and had to buy them. After all that’s what Tom French Jewellery is all about - unique, one off jewels which you don’t find in high street jewellers. After many ideas of what to create using these beautifully natural stones from the earth, Tom decided to create something fun, unique and wearable.

Congo 4

Protected in 18ct white gold bespoke cages, the Congo Cube Diamonds are free to move around and capture any light to reflect off of their rough, glittery surface. Joined together by 18ct white gold spiga style chain at a total length of 28" this necklace is the perfect statement accessory to any day time or evening outfit!

Keep an eye out for more additions to the Tom French Congo Cube Collection!!

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