Caring for your Jewels this summer

As the heat wave we've all been waiting for approaches England, we're still looking to pop off on well deserved holidays in many exotic country's all over the world. Along with the bikinis, flip flops and sun cream packed are our favourite jewels to accessorize and wear in the warm evenings after a day of soaking up the sun. Although it’s great to wear and enjoy our prized possessions whilst abroad, it's also important to keep them safe and well looked after!!
Rule 1 - Storing your jewels while travelling
Rings and earrings are relatively easy to pack away into boxes when travelling however chains can become tangled or kinked. We strongly recommend storing your jewels in a jewellery roll. Safely packed away and well protected. Available to purchase in store, we have a selection of brown and black genuine leather jewellery rolls for your jewels to travel in luxury.

♦ Rule 2 - Insurance
Making sure that your jewels are covered by insurance for if you are to possibly lose or damage any items whilst on holiday.

♦ Rule 3 - Keeping them SAFE
Almost all hotels now provide an optional safe in all rooms. They provide them for a reason and it is highly recommended that they are used, particularly if you are travelling with luxury goods.

♦ Rule 4 - Exposure to the Sun
Most gemstones are pretty safe when it comes to sun exposure yet there are a few which many people do not know that can be affected.

Kunzite - Varies in shades of pink which is affected by UV rays. Sun exposure can change the colour of this gemstone if exposed for long periods of time.

Emeralds - Emeralds are a very soft gemstone which are finished by an oil coating,  this oil can be dried out if exposed to the sun and heat causing the Emerald to crack.

Opal - With water being an important part of it's structure, this gemstone is extremely vulnerable to drying out in heats and sunlight causing it to also possibly crack.

Pearls - Though they originate from the beds of the sea, certain pearls can become damaged by h♦arsh sea salts, damaging their lustre which can also be affected by sun creams and lotions.

♦ Rule 5 - Enjoy Yourself
After all the holiday planning, ^^ shopping and errands the last and final rule of all is to relax and enjoy yourself. If you are planning a vacation abroad or in the UK this summer, have a fabulous time and make the most of the sun ♥

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